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Applications of system kits

The pool construction kit and pool renovation kit contain everything for building a new pool or for renovating an old, existing pool. There are many similar kits on the market. That is why it is important to pay close attention and compare.

In the V-Sure kits, we provide specific polyester resins. For example, the H35/ISO resin. This is a special polyester resin with improved water resistance compared to the standard H30 resin. Also in our renovation kit, we exclusively use Vinylester resin. This resin is completely osmosis resistant and can be compared to an epoxy in terms of chemical resistance. The quality of fiberglass is also different. We use a much finer fiber thickness. This allows a better water resistance and an even smoother surface.

In these kits you will find the nessecary primer, resin, finer glass mat and the already colored pre- and top coat. We also supply all the necessary tools including brush, rollers, measuring cylinders, buckets for mixing, gloves, stirrers and detergent to clean the materials in an optional tool kit. In addition, you can also find all protective equipment including: protective goggles, filter mask and coveralls in our webshop.

Our pond construction kits contain all the materials including the primer, two layers of fiberglass of 300 gr/m² and a final coat (Topcoat) which is colored black as standard. You can change the color if you wish. These kits also come in a variety of standard sizes.

Working with system kits

Working with these system kits offers you numerous advantages. You will never run out of material or have unused material left over. All products are nicely coordinated and give you a perfect result. If you want to learn more about how to proceed, check out our instructional videos.

If you would like to visit our Experience Center to convince yourself of the workmanship and our qualities, make an appointment soon. We will take our time to provide you with information and advice on the right choice of materials.



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