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Gas concrete

Gas concrete is a lightweight concrete manufactured from a mixture of, among other things, cement, water and sand to which a gas-developing or foaming powder is added. It is a fairly porous material used for insulating boards in construction.

Gel coating resin

A gel coating resin has different properties from a laminating resin. In general, a different type of resin or resin mixture is therefore used for gelcoat than for laminate construction. Either a special, finished gel coating resin is used, or a laminating resin is used with the addition of excipients (e.g. thixotropy agents or flexible mixing resins). The main properties a gel coating resin has to meet are fast curing, a certain elasticity and resistance to water, chemicals and weathering. for more info; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/products/polyester/polyester-gelcoat/


Gel time is the time between the addition of the hardener to the resin and the time when the liquid (or liquid resin) begins to show pseudo-elastic properties.


A gelcoat is a smooth, resin-rich layer of polyester that forms the exterior of a reinforced moulded piece. A good gelcoat eliminates the need for further finishing of the moulding piece and reduces maintenance. Gelcoat has three main applications: first, it is used to protect the underlying reinforced layers from weathering, chemical attack, etc. Secondly, the gelcoat serves as surface beautification. Among other things, the gelcoat gives a good shine, makes the reinforcement invisible and covers the ever-present air bubbles in the laminate. Finally, the gelcoat ensures that the moulded part can be coloured evenly. see https://www.v-sure.eu/en/products/polyester/polyester-gelcoat/ for more information./ for more information.


Gelling is the first stage of hardening of a resin after the addition of a hardener. This process is irreversible.


Gelling is the transition of a polyester resin from a liquid form to a gel form.

Gelling phase

The gelling phase is one of the phases polyester resin goes through. The polyester resin successively goes through the liquid phase, the gelatinous phase, the rubbery phase and finally the cured phase.

General purpose resin

In general purpose resins or orthophthalic acid resins, orthophthalic acid is the most important component. These polyester resins possess reasonable mechanical properties and are reasonably water and chemical resistant. for more info, see: https://www.v-sure.eu/en/h30-azur-laminating-resin-0.5-kg-mekp

Glass mat

The glass mat (chopped strand mat) is the most commonly used reinforcement material when processing polyester by the hand lay-up method. The short pieces of glass fibre lie criss-crossed by and on top of each other and are glued together by a binder. Both powder-bonded and emulsion-bonded glass mat exists. for more info, see; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/products/fibre-reinforcement/glass-mat/

Glass reinforcement

For an explanation of this term, please refer to glass fibre reinforced plastics. These are glass fibre-based reinforcement materials.

Glass yarn

Glass yarn consists of very long fibres wound with torsion (twisting). When glass yarn is woven, a glass fabric is obtained.

Glass-rubber transition temperature

The glass-rubber transition temperature is the temperature at which an amorphous thermoplastic passes from a hard, rigid, glassy state to a flexible, weaker rubber state.

Gloss casting

Gloss casting is an entirely new technique, which allows practically anyone to make colourful workpieces according to predefined contours. Here, each workpiece has an individual character. Gloss casting uses a mirror-curing, crystal-clear epoxy resin. This epoxy resin can be coloured at will by adding pigments. The individual colours are cast in well-defined fields. Deformation ranges from written plaques to sophisticatedly shaped house numbers, decorative objects and large-format workpieces. Even when making a duplicate of an existing motif, each copy will be distinguished by its own character. for more info see: https://www.v-sure.eu/en/epoxy-resin-glosscoat-a-b-1-kg

Gutter coating

A gutter coating is a coating applied to a zinc gutter.