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Reinforced plastic

Composite materials or plastics can be reinforced or reinforced in various ways. When a plastic is reinforced with fibres, those fibres give the plastic exceptional mechanical resistance. High toughness is the main mechanical property of the fibres used. The fibres that are currently widely used are mainly glass fibres, carbon fibres and aramid fibres.


An armouring is applied to a material with the aim of improving its mechanical properties. The armoured material obtained is then a composite. As an example, we mention iron reinforcement in concrete. In plastics, glass fibres are often used to arm the plastic. This makes the material stronger, which means an increase in tensile strength and thus the maximum stress the material can bear. Glass fibres are characterised by a very high tensile strength, but are also ductile. Moreover, the fibres are resistant to high temperatures.

Release agent

A special agent to prevent polyester, epoxy or silicone, among others, from sticking to virtually any substrate.  Look for more info; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/products/ancillaries/release-agent/


Resin, is an English term and stands for resin and can refer to both polyester and epoxy. A well-known hype is resin art, an art you can undertake with resin. Most artists work with epoxies. For more info, see; https://www.v-sure.eu/en/knowlegde-center/inspiration/creating-a-river-table/

Reverse osmosis

This is a water treatment technique, where under the influence of a driving force across a semi-permeable membrane, water is separated from its salts.

Roof coating

A roof coating is a coating applied to a roof to protect it and can be either MS polymer-based or polyester-based.

Roof glue

1 and 2 component adhesives for bonding all materials found on a roof. These can be both foaming and non-foaming adhesives. Usually these are polyurethane-based.

Roof resin

A roofing resin is a specially formulated, elastic, polyester resin that is reinforced with a special reinforcement (polyester fleece). One such resin is, among others, FLEXITOP.