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Thixotropic, when we talk about a thixotropic resin, we usually mean that the resin is slightly thickened, so it does not run off (drip off) on vertical surfaces. for more info, see: https://www.v-sure.eu/en/thixotropy-powder-100-g

Three-dimensional composites

Three-dimensional composites are (fibre-reinforced) composites that are three-dimensionally reinforced, which makes them suitable for use in structures that are loaded in all directions. After all, the layered structure and sandwich structure only show good properties in one or two directions. The practical realisation of three-dimensional composites is delicate and complex as the fibres have to be inserted manually or automatically into layers of fabric. An exquisite application of three-dimensional composites is the thermal shield of a space shuttle. The main three-dimensional composites are made of glass fibre with a resin matrix or carbon with a carbon matrix.


A solvent-based topcoat is an alkyd resin-based product used to apply system primers industrially. The topcoat has good flow and very good edge coverage. In addition, it is colourfast and has good gloss retention. Topcoats are available in various colours.


Twill fabric is a glass fabric with a so-called twill weave. Twill weave is similar to square weave, yet there is a difference. In square weave, each weft thread passes over and under the next warp thread, creating a shear-resistant weave. In twill weave, the weft thread passes under several warp threads and then over the same number. The threads can now slide over each other more easily. Twill weave can therefore bend in several directions without creasing. for more info: https://www.v-sure.eu/nl/producten/vezelversterking/