Polishing paste with ultra-fine grain - Polishing plastics

UPS M-100 1 KG


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Is a universal silicone-free polishing paste for making a surface consisting of polyester , plastic or metal shine and lustre. Particularly suitable as a final treatment after cleaning. Contains a fine and ultra fine grain that also removes fine scratches. Available in 1 kg packaging.

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As a deep cleaner for polyester, plastic and metal.


Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. Apply the paste with a soft cloth in circular movements and polish thoroughly with light pressure. Remove the paste residues with a cloth and let the surface shine. Repeat the process if necessary. Is ideal to be processed by machine, but beware of too high a speed (max. 1800 TPM with a polishing fleece - diameter 18 cm). Constantly change the position of the fleece so that the surface does not become too hot.Do not let the polishing paste dry out.
Always wear suitable gloves and protective clothing. Keep out of reach of children. Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap and for hands: hand cleaner Slig (soap Stockhausen).

Technical specifications

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