Quick drying filler for all substrates - Quick filling filler



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Acrylic quick filler is a multifunctional, 1-component repair filler on an acrylic basis. It is widely applicable and suitable for paint jobs. The filler is shrinkage free, pore free and can be painted over without much refinement. The adhesion on stone, concrete, plaster, wood and metal is perfect.

Available in 400 and 1300 gr packaging.

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  • Levelling of small and medium-sized irregularities on the surfaces mentioned above
  • Improving and smoothing minor paintwork damage
  • Creation of an improved fine and less porous surface
  • Sealing of pores and unevennesses
  • Contouring in model making or repairs
  • Filling out of cracks and weathered spots in wood such as on windows and doors

  • Color: Matt white
  • Mass density: approx. 1,9 g/l cm³
  • Shelf life: 12 months in closed package
  • Application temperature: Between 10 and 20°C (not below 7°C
  • Drying time: Can be sanded after 1 to 2 hours at 20°C. Completely dry after 24 hrs. 


  • The surface must be clean, free from grease and loose particles.
  • With metal, always apply an oxidation protector first (e.g. G4).
  • Painted surfaces must be sanded first.
  • Knead the tube well, and the filler is ready for use.
  • Apply with spatula or filling knife.
  • After 1 to 2 hours, the surface can be sanded, a new layer applied or it can be repainted.
  • Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. 
  •  Always consult the safety data sheet.
  • The processing of these products is based on our experience in normal circumstances. 
  • The products may react differently under different conditions and surfaces.

Technical specifications

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