Glass fibre - glass mat fibre - 15 TEX fibre structure 10 m²

Fiberglass 300 G PB 15TEX 10 M²


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Reinforcement material used to build up laminates with polyester or vinylester. Suitable for parts in contact with water due to its powdered binding. Universal quality. Has a 15 Tex fibre structure, which is finer than the structure of the standard glass mat.

Available in 10 m² and in roll widths of 127cm and rolls of 40 kg.

€28.99 / st



For moulded parts in all applications e.g. boat, car and construction. Due to the finer structure, these mats are more suitable for fine finishing.


  • Always used in combination with a polyester or vinylester resin. 
  • For higher strength or layer thickness, apply several layers on top of each other. Store in a dry and frost-free place.
Always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Is not a hazardous material and may be treated as such. Cleaning agent: water.

Technical specifications

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