Cleaner for boat surfaces

Teak Cleaner 250 ML


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Is a powerful water-soluble, biodegradable cleaning agent for fast and
efficient cleaning of teak wood. SL cleaner C4 teak does not contain acids and is safe for
seals. Available in 250 ml packaging.




Suitable for cleaning teak and other qualities of wood used in boat building.
Renews the colors of exotic woods.


Pre-soak the surface to be treated with water. Mix cleaner C4 teak in a 1-20
ratio with water (a 1-10 ratio for heavy soiling. Apply this mixture with a
brush in the direction of the grain. Let it soak in for a few minutes (without drying).
Afterwards wash the surface well and rinse with plenty of water. For long-term protection
protection you can treat the wood afterwards with SL clear teak oil.
Caution: do not use on glass or mirrors!
Always wear suitable gloves and protective clothing. In case of swallowing
Consult a doctor immediately and show the label or packaging. Keep out of reach of children.
keep out of reach of children.
Always make sure the surface is wet. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Cleaning agent for tools: water and soap and for hands: water.