Sealing paste - modelling paste

Plasticine kneading compound blister 650 GR


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Is a plastic lasting kneading compound based on beeswax for sealing seams and joints in negative forms. Available in 650 g packages.

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Universally applicable, very fine kneading compound that can be used for prototyping or sealing seams. Very easily mouldable. Remains flexible. Cut parts adhere to each other. Suitable for direct contact with polyester and silicone.


Always ensure a dry and grease-free surface. Apply the paste with your hands or with modelling tools. Always apply a thin layer of Trennspray as an additional release wax. Is harmless to skin contact and does not adhere to anything. Due to its yellow colour, it is unsuitable for use in combination with white (light) gelcoats. Note: When heated, it becomes soft and liquid. When cold, it hardens again.
Cleaning agent for tools: water. Is not a hazardous material.

Technical specifications

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