Resin Art

Resin Art is a new art form that came over from America. Social media are full of it nowadays. People who pour resin over jewellery, accessories, coasters, cutting boards, canvases, etc. to achieve spectacular results.
But what exactly is that, Resin Art?
Simply translated, we speak of Epoxy Art. It involves pouring or transferring an object with epoxy resin. This is a two-component resin.
By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place which causes the liquid resin to gradually harden into a hard resin.
You can choose from crystal-clear epoxy resin, which gives you an enlarging effect. Or you can add pigments or glitter to create structures like marble or even water.
The possibilities are endless.

To create beautiful objects yourself, you can use our V-Sure products. These are user-friendly and a step-by-step plan guides you through the entire process.

You are also welcome to visit our Experience Center by appointment. There you can get an answer to all your questions from our advisors.

Did you know that we organise workshops where our specialists teach you the basic techniques after which you can get to work yourself?

Discover how you can also make unique river tables with Epoxy resin.