Relaxing by the pool with an aperitif. Lovely!

And certainly if your pool looks as good as it should.

Over time, the walls of your monoblock or polyester pool may show black spots or even blisters.
This is caused by the degradation of warm water. Also called osmosis.

Having a professional company repair your pool is expensive.
But what if you could do it yourself?

With a simple step-by-step plan, in no time you can brag about how you made your pool look like new all by yourself.

Renovating your own pool is easy thanks to the V-Sure products.

With the Perfect Pool Finish you can choose from a number of RAL colours to transform your pool into a peaceful and relaxing oasis.

You can also be reassured because our products guarantee quality and durability. We have proven this for more than 50 years!

Find the answers to all your questions regarding the construction and renovation of a polyester pool on our application page.

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