Products for the construction of seamless bathroom or walk-in shower

Renovate a bathroom or walk-in shower seamless and watertight

The bathroom is changing more and more from a purely functional room into a place where you can completely relax. You can choose from different structures and colours to transform the walls and floors of your bathroom into a true wellness oasis. Completely decorated according to your personal style and taste.

For example, the walk-in shower can be fitted with a completely seamless polyester and fibreglass cladding, and the floor can be finished with a PU moulded floor.

V-Sure offers everything to make your bathroom not only waterproof, but also completely seamless. This means that splashing water and water vapour have no chance to create moisture stains on the walls.

We are happy to provide you with more information for your application.

How to waterproof highly absorbent or porous substrates such as wood, Gyproc, plaster or basement walls that are still to be painted?

G4 Sealing

You can waterproof damp floors and interior walls with the G4 sealer. This is easy to apply with a brush or roller to the even still damp substrate. Afterwards, it can be painted over with any wall paint. If you need to reinforce the substrate, you can use polyester reinforced with glass fibre. This will give you a seamless covering. If you are looking for a UV-resistant solution, you can use the 1- or 2-component paint, which we can supply in any colour.

How to fill, reinforce and repair wood rot in wet areas?

V11 filler

Affected and damaged wood can be easily repaired by sealing the wood and filling the holes and pits with a fibre reinforced paste such as V11. You can then finish this off with an epoxy filler.

How to seal soot after removing a fireplace?

Epoxy Primer Fast

Here you need to use a sealing coat or an anti-rust primer type Epoxy Primer Fast. This coating has sealing properties to stop the black soot from coming through and then you can paint over it or finish off your seamless bathroom with polyester and fibreglass.

How to elastically joint seams and cracks in your bathroom?

PUR Uniflex

With the elastic jointing kit Uniflex you can easily seal all seams and joints. This is a handy polyurethane sealant with filling properties. This product is permanently elastic and can be painted over with any type of paint. Uniflex can also be used to seal the joint between two materials with a different coefficient of expansion.

How to improve the adhesion of Uniflex on problematic substrates?

G4 Primer

Here we recommend using the G4 primer, this 1-component PU primer reacts to the humidity present in the substrate. Thanks to the G4 primer, the Uniflex sealant will adhere even better. Especially on damp or extremely porous substrates.

How to waterproof stone or concrete?

G4 Sealing

For waterproofing your floor or wall we recommend the G4 sealer.

The advantages of PUS G4:

  • Convenient 1 component
  • Seals and fixes dust
  • Reacts to air humidity and any remaining moisture in the substrate
  • Makes it perfectly waterproof
  • Can be painted over with any kind of paint

How to waterproof all kinds of substrates?

Surester® resin

You can use a 2-component solvent-free coating for painting an elastic coating to protect all kinds of substrates against the penetration of water or moisture. It makes everything perfectly waterproof and can be painted over with all types of building paints.

How to protect wood and make it waterproof?

G4 Sealer

Epoxy Light Primer

Use G4 sealer, which is a wear-resistant varnish and sealant for wood that is resistant to most diluted acids and alkalis used in the building industry and especially in wet areas, showers and basements. You can also use an epoxy primer for various substrates. This quick-drying 2-component primer or adhesion primer Light Primer is based on epoxy and therefore has a more filling effect to fill up unevennesses, for example for the treatment of mf, wood and scaffolding wood.

How to waterproof gypsum boards?

G4 Sealing

V11 Filler

FEW Putty

Acrylic Filler

Here we recommend using G4 sealer, a thin liquid 1-component varnish. Has excellent adhesion to most common substrates such as Knauf or Gyproc boards. Can be painted over afterwards with all types of paint.

Do you need to repair a hole in plasterboard quickly? Then use the V11 fibre-reinforced putty and the FEW finishing putty to finish. If you prefer to work with a 1-component product, we suggest the Acrylic Putty.

How to repair and fill damaged wood constructions?

Universal Filler

Epoxy BK

Glass fabric 160 gr/m²


By using the universal filling and finishing putty, Universal Filler on the basis of epoxy, you repair wood constructions quickly and efficiently. This 2-component filler can be applied on almost every type of wood, both indoors and outdoors. Do you want to reinforce it? Then we recommend strengthening with the thin liquid Epoxy BK in combination with the 160 gr/m² glass fabric. This 2-component resin can be applied with or without glass fibre. For application without glass fibre, this resin can also be poured. This with the possible addition of dry filler such as wood flour or Aerocell.

How can I repair a plastic shower tray?

Methacrylate glue Multipower

If it is a thermoplastic (plastic), it cannot usually be repaired. If you know which plastic it is, you can work with the 2-component PMMA adhesive on PVC, ABS and polyester without any problems.

Scratches in acrylic shower, bad of plexiglass removal

High Gloss Finish

Gelcoat Repair Filler Dry Fast

Acrylic is a very beautiful, but reasonably soft plastic, so that smaller scratches or in some cases serious damage can occur quite quickly. You can remove light scratches or damage yourself. For this, we offer a special sanding and polishing paste, the High Gloss Finish. This can be used both manually and with a polishing machine.

The V-Sure polishing paste also works perfectly on Plexiglas. If it is more of a deep scratch, you need to prepare well.

How best to repair an acrylic bath? This depends on the severity of the damage. If the scratches are slightly deeper, you can fill them with our Gelcoat Repair Filler Dry Fast. This repair paste is also suitable if it is a polyester bath. If there is actually a hole or opening that you wish to close, then you need to reinforce it with a fibre-reinforced paste and then finish off with Gelcoat Repair Filler Dry Fast. If the repair concerns a larger substrate than a 2 euro coin, then it is recommended to apply several layers of liquid polyester and glass fibre mat and then finish with gelcoat repair paste. The gelcoat repair paste is available coloured or colourless, to which you can add your own colouring in function of the desired colour.